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Meet Becky

Clwyd East needs an MP with ambition for North Wales and the determination to fight in Westminster for the fairer and greener future we deserve. We need a candidate with the experience to turn Clwyd East red at the next General Election.

I am a local girl from Bagillt. I went to Ysgol Merllyn, Flint High School and Mold Alun, where I had so many opportunities and my family had support from a UK Labour Government. I want every child to have the promise of a brilliant start in life again.

As a trade union industrial officer, I negotiate on behalf of working people to protect and improve their rights. I know first-hand what it’s like to bargain with the Tories and I know we need a Labour Government in Westminster as well as Wales to make life better for everyone.

I have campaigned with Delyn Labour for ten years. I took an ‘unwinnable’ seat from the Tories to win my council seat, which they had held for 32 years. As Deputy Cabinet Member for Children and Young people in Coventry, I lead on the council’s youth violence and knife crime strategy.

I have the local roots and the experience to win here. Clwyd East and North Wales are vital for Labour to win at the next election. I have the drive and experience to build the right team with all our members to make it happen.


0 years
city councillor and
Deputy Cabinet Member for Children and Young People
0 years
director on my local Women’s Aid governing board
0 years
Tory incumbency overturned to win my council seat
number of times I have represented Delyn at Labour Party conferences
0 + years
campaigning with the Labour Party in Delyn
0 +
vote increase in Labour majority in my ward in 2022



Campaigning in North Wales

Campaigned in Delyn and neighbouring seats since my teens. Served as the Delyn Labour Youth Officer and established Young Labour Delyn. Represented Delyn at 5 Labour Party Conferences.


Jo Cox Women in Leadership

Nurturing the highest standards of public service – what Clwyd East deserves.


Fighting for working people

Trade union negotiator working every day to improve pay, terms and conditions of working people.

Ending Domestic Violence

Violence against women and girls is a political issue and I’m proud to be a director and trustee of my local Women’s Aid board to support the fight against it.


Green Jobs

Working with the Senedd to increase the number of secure, sustainable green industry jobs across North Wales, from tidal power to wind. 


Improving transport links both in North Wales and into North West England so our people and businesses can travel freely and thrive. 

Security in old age

Every person in Clwyd East should enjoy dignity in old age, that means great social care without needing to sell your home. 

Bringing Clwyd East together

This new constituency needs a candidate who can unify members from different CLPs, celebrating the traditions and successes each ward brings and joining together to beat the Tories at the next general election. 

Tackling youth violence and anti-social behaviour

Opportunities for young people and support navigating life’s challenges are the routes to preventing youth violence. Labour MPs must fight for this in Westminster. 


We need more high quality and affordable housing across the constituency. The security of a home should be a realistic aspiration for everyone.

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